Checking in with Bree Luck

Checking in with Bree Luck

What are you working on?
I’m the director of a program called the Voice Project, over at Fluvanna Women’s Prison. It’s a theater and writing program. I took over the reins about four years ago, as a drama therapist, and it started out with [inmates] creating their own productions based on their own life stories…We just started up again, and we’re doing a production of The Wiz.

What’s the one article of clothing Bree Luck would take on a trip with her? The former Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestler responded, “Stilettos. Come on!” The fighter once dubbed “Stiletto Southpaw” recently finished a screenplay with her husband, Geoff, and is working on a production of The Wiz with inmates at Fluvanna Women’s Prison.

What were you doing before this interview?
My older daughter is in Gypsy [at Live Arts] and she had her first preview performance last night, so I was helping her get up and go to school after a rough night. I was being a mom.

Do you have an iPhone? Any killer apps?
The most useful one is the one I never thought I was going to use, which is The Huffington Post app. Frighteningly, it’s become a major news source for me. But Koi Pond…it’s this game that lets you control this little pond world. You can put in rain, little froggies.

Locally, who would you like to collaborate with?
Stephen Nachmanovitch, who wrote a book called Free Play. When I was in grad school, I read Free Play, and it changed my life. It really has informed everything that I do since I read it 10 years ago.

Do you have plans to present your work or perform locally soon?
The inmates from the prison will present their work in March.

Tell us about an idea that you’re carrying around with you.

I have this idea for doing a series of porch plays around Charlottesville. I’m on the board of Offstage Theatre, and we’ve been talking about it some… The importance of the front porch, where you greet people, a place of entry, and a place of guarding your home, too.

What upcoming event do you plan on getting a ticket for?
Probably the upcoming Our American Ann Sisters premiere at Live Arts, by the Performance Exchange Project, this December.

What music are you listening to lately?

Right now, it’s embarrassing, but I’m really into ABBA. Part of it is that my kids have finally graduated to not listening to kids’ music, and my 4-year-old is obsessed with “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion (Lay All Your Love On Me).” You know, it’s true—you can’t be sad when you’re listening to ABBA.

Guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is that I watch “Weeds” and I knit. And they have to happen at the same time. They really go together. I get the DVDs and watch them straight, over the course of maybe two days.

Who is your favorite artist in your genre? Outside your genre?
Andy Goldsworthy is my favorite artist. I find his work completely enthralling… My favorite director…I guess there are three: Ingmar Bergman, whose Persona is my favorite film; Wes Anderson; and Quentin Tarantino. It’s my holy trinity—an odd trinity. My favorite actress is Liv Ullmann. I find her performances to be utterly compelling, psychological, understated.