Charlottesville cyclist is dope-free


NPR has a story this morning on Charlottesville native Will Frischkorn and another cyclist  from the Garmin-Chipotle team that is currently third in this year’s Tour de France. While three riders have already tested positive for doping in this year’s race, G-C’s two American cyclists are getting attention for the strict anti-doping policy they have adopted; the pair made themselves available for frequent tests during their previous year of training. NPR catches up with Frischkorn on a day when he is lagging in the back of the pack, "struggling to make it to the summit." Despite the bad day for Frischkorn, NPR points to the anti-doping practice of he and his team and their current success at third and suggests that they are revolutionizing professional cycling through their openness and rigorous adherence to competition policy.

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