Charlottesville council candidate occupies D.C.


Occupy Wall Street got Robbins. Stop the Machine gets Collins.

"There should be a sustained presence in D.C. for weeks," wrote Charlottesville City Council candidate Brandon Collins on his website. "I hope many of you will consider spending some time in D.C. when you get the chance."

In a few hours, Washington, D.C. may get a version of the Wall Street protests that, geographically speaking, hits closer to home. Collins, a socialist, UVA Living Wage supporter and longtime local, plans to join the crowd today and remain through Saturday.

“This is an important movement for all people, and we must add to the numbers calling for economic equality, social justice, and an end to war," wrote Collins. "I see this as another way for me to engage in politics. After all, it is not just voting for candidates but people organizing that make a democracy work. I look forward to learning new approaches to old problems, contributing to the people’s assemblies, and returning home to share the experience and energy of this growing people’s movement.”