Canning up a storm


Some people (who are they?) probably relax and read books after their kid goes to bed, but not us. We like to poke around in the kitchen instead.

Here’s the scene from Tuesday night. (The large bottle of cheap wine is a key element.) We canned eight quarts of tomatoes, about 24 pounds’ worth. It’s glorious–big pots of watering boiling away on the stove, seeds and skins piling up on the counter, juice streaking down the cabinets.

Wednesday, we did carrots: six pints of curried carrot pickles, and two big bags of blanched and frozen ones for putting into soups.

Looks like Friday night we’ll be tackling another mammoth tomato project. They’re coming fast and furious on the vines outside, and meanwhile the CSA is loading us up with tons of their own ‘maters. (This is one of several points in the season when we confront the absurdity of both belonging to a CSA and growing a big garden.) The abundance can be dizzying, but I love it.

Bring on the produce! All hail summertime!