C-VILLE Kids! How to take better pictures of your kids


(Photo by Meredith Montague)

As you head to the beach (or the backyard) this summer, camera in tow, arm yourself with these tips from local photog Jen Fariello, whom we asked to share a few shooting secrets.

Keep your background simple. Choose a pretty spot with open space and then let your kids play. If the background is good from all directions, you won’t have to worry about a trash can or other unsightly things getting in the picture.

(Photo by Jen Fariello)

Use your time wisely. Early morning or late day is the best time to shoot. Mid-day (when it’s bright and sunny) creates harsh shadows and can ruin a good photo. Overcast days are the best, Fariello said.

Get on their level. Don’t be afraid to lay on the ground or crouch down to get closer to your child.

Don’t be obsessed with smiles. “Kids don’t like to pose,” Fariello said. “Create an environment where they can be entertained” and the smiles will come naturally.

Avoid white. The light color tends to wash people out, and all that blank space distracts from the subject’s face.

Fariello’s next “Take Better Pictures” workshop, where you can learn more about these tips and others, is Saturday, June 9, from 10am-1pm at Falling Meadows Farm. Register at photolearningseries.com.