C-VILLE Arts Beat: Top Picks for May 15-May 21


Gentle man
Musical jack-of-all-trades Jonathan Wilson is an adept performer with an innate ability to conceptualize soundscapes with depth and soulfulness.
A student of old school musical values, Wilson has worked
with legends Elvis Costello and Jackson Browne, as well as contemporary artists like Dawes and Erykah Badu. His debut solo album Gentle Spirit embodies the ethos of the artist himself while telling tales of humane values lost and found. Artful super-talent Ned Oldham opens. $10, 7pm.
The Southern Café & Music Hall, 103. S. First St. 977-5590.

North Carolina’s quiet upstart Jonathan Wilson touches down lightly at The Southern on Wednesday. (photo by: Chiara Meattelli)

Bonded by blood
The Barr Brothers started a musical career by knocking each other silly in a makeshift boxing ring. When the gear wore out and the angst began to mellow, they put down the gloves and took up instruments, studied the rock masters and mastered a variety of musical traditions. Now a Canadian folk quartet, they play a dusty mix of classical harp, set off by delta blues riffs and African rhythms that has been deemed “hushed Americana.” Multi-instrumentalist Kishi Bashi (of Montreal, Regina Spektor) opens. $8-10, 9pm. Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, 414. E. Main St., Downtown Mall. 293-9947.

Through 6/9
Dark carnival
When a stranger’s arrival at a circus throws the equilibrium off-kilter, someone is sure to fall off the tightrope. Performers fall under the spell of an enchanting newcomer, as the stranger falls prey to ghosts of his own past. If you’re looking for a light comedy, stay home and flip through Lifetime network. He Who Gets Slapped watches philosophy take on physicality as laughter and longing build to
a boil under the big top. $14-24.50, 8pm. LiveArts, 123 E. Water St., 977-4177.


It hurts to laugh in LiveArts tragicomedy He Who Gets Slapped.
(Photo by: Scott Keith)

Through 6/17
Mural character
Lincoln Perry has been a distinguished visiting artist at UVA since 2001 and has created dozens of exhibitions and public murals over the last 30 years. He turns public spaces into comprehensible subsets of the larger world we inhabit, serving as a theater or mirror for those entering the space. In an almost startling way, his work pops and flails out of a scene defying the boundary of canvas or wall—3-D glasses not included. This new gallery exhibit includes recent sculpture as well as the maquettes for some of Perry’s murals. Free, 1-5pm, Les Yeux du Monde, 841 Wolf Trap Rd., 973-5566.