Breaking news: Rob Bell stands up for dessert


What are the odds? Mere minutes after posting this morning’s item about Rob Bell’s impending visits to local elementary schools, we received a letter from a student praising Bell for his inspiration and responsiveness two years ago when her fifth-grade class encountered a problem. Apparently the guy’s visits have a lasting (and delicious) impact. Read for yourself:

"Dear Editor,

"I think Rob Bell is an awesome Delegate. Two years ago, when my school had a problem, Delegate Bell worked hard with us students to fix things.

"Two years ago, when i was a fifth grader at Nathanael Greene Elementary, we had a problem. We used to be able to get ice cream on Fridays, but a new rule was made that took away our ice cream. We were really unhappy. A couple of weeks later, Delegate Bell came to speak to our class about how to get involved in government. His speech got us thinking. So, our class circulated a petition to get our ice cream privileges back, and everyone signed it. We took our petition to Delegate Bell, and he worked with the school and was actually able to get our ice cream back. When Delegate Bell spoke at our graduation later that year, he told us he had never been challenged by a fifth grade class before, but he knew he had to help us. Because of Delegate Bell, we now have ice cream again in Greene County!

"I feel so lucky to have Delegate Bell represent me. Delegate Bell works really hard on really big issues in Richmond, but he still found time to help a bunch of local students with a small issue like our ice cream privileges. I’ll always thank Delegate Bell for his hard work to our community. If I were able to vote, Delegate Bell would certainly have my vote.

"Sincerely, Amanda Jordan, Greene County."