Born gentle [December 14]

Born gentle [December 14]

Nell Boeschenstein, dog-lover and journalist (and former C-VILLE staff writer),  is getting the word out that pit bulls (like her own Crystal) are just like all other dogs if they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Nell Boeschenstein, former C-VILLE staff writer, current graduate student at Columbia University, and the brains behind this newspaper’s ever-popular "Hit This Site" column (hit it right here every week at this site) has a new article on the website The Morning News about 1) her determination to adopt a pit bill and save it from possibly becoming one of "the victims of some of humanity’s worst habits"; 2) how badly she misses Crystal (that would be the pit bull), who’s living for now with Nell’s parents in Charlottesville; and 3) many other related things wrapped in Nell’s sparkling writing style that anyone would be plain crazy to miss. P.S. Hey, Crystal, if you’re reading this: Remember how you used to slink around the C-VILLE office while Nell was working? You were waaaay more scared of us than we were of you.

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