Blue scare [February 4]

Blue scare [February 4]

Frothy-mouthed carpetbagging liberals are raising their skinny fair-trade lattes this morning, in a toast to the news that Tom Perriello, Democratic challenger to Republican Congressman Virgil Goode, raised more money than the incumbent in calendar year 2007. At least that’s the way Goode is spinning the numbers (assembled by the Federal Election Commission and reported by the Danville Register & Bee). That paper quotes the Congressman to the effect that New Yorkers, Californians and Charlottesvillians (august company, no?) are behind the $266,665 Perriello raised last year; Goode himself pulled $165,010.

In 2007, Tom Perriello raised $266,665 to Virgil Goode’s $165,010.

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