Black market pickles, and other recent reads


Howdy, folks. As usual, I’ve been reading my way around the web, looking for stuff I think you’ll like. Here are your latest Green Reads.

Charlottesville’s own urban-design expert Bill Lucy goes on record (not for the first time, I’ll wager) against cul-de-sacs. They’re more dangerous for kids! How’s that for busting conventional wisdom?

Virginia’s own Senator Jim Webb gets called out as a probable supporter of Lisa Murkowski’s moves to keep the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. Her "amendment" is now a "resolution," but still. Jim! Stay with us!

Give Del. David Toscano some credit, though, for a good idea that would support the local food movement. Free the pickles! The bill is now stalled in committee, but it sounds like the situation’s not hopeless.

Looks like the number of cars on the road is going down, which sounds like very good news. I wonder, though, what effect Cash for Clunkers may have had on these numbers?

Whole Foods, which has come up on this blog a number of times in reference to its lack of local food offerings, may now invest in a Virginia greenhouse. I’d love to see this become a pipeline for more local scallions, tomatoes and cukes in our Charlottesville store. The word "local" on stuff that’s grown in Pennsylvania really rubs me the wrong way—not that Whole Foods is the only big grocery guilty of that mislabeling.

Good ol’ Grist has a clear-eyed take on the State of the Union, specifically the part where Obama talked about clean energy without mentioning renewable sources. Change you can believe in? Someone get me a beautiful trash bag that’s also an art project about environmental awareness! I gotta toss my optimism!