Big old spring garden week


We’ve been busy in the garden this week. What that means is:

Potting up 50 or so tomato plants, and about that many peppers. Immediately after getting this boost in space and nutrients, most of these little guys responded with a growth spurt.

Putting the second half of the asparagus in the ground. Now we’ve got two rows, five feet apart.

Planting new seeds in a flat: melons, cucumbers, dill, epazote. Planted on Saturday, the melons and cukes popped up by Tuesday. Our heat mats definitely make a big difference in germination.

Transplanting broccoli, collards and kale. We had tiny, sad seedlings but luckily some friends gave us extras that are big and lush. We happily put them in the ground–we’ve got nothing to prove.

Filling in our peas where they hadn’t germinated, and throwing down radish seeds.

Whew! For the moment, we actually feel caught up. I’m bummed that we’ll miss the first Nelson farmer’s market tomorrow, but soon enough we’ll see all our buddies there and start bringing home the spoils of spring.

What’s going on in your garden?