Back on the grocery bag wagon


One of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog was about grocery bags.

Mainly, it had to do with the spectrum of reactions on the part of checkout clerks when I’d say I didn’t want a bag. (It ranged from enthusiastic approval to mild hostility, with a lot of perplexedness in between.)

At the time, I was also a lot more conscientious about providing my own bags when I couldn’t carry stuff in my hands. I went everywhere with canvas bags and even saved plastic produce bags so that I could enclose my broccoli and apples without tearing a new bag off the roll.

But, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I got tired of it. My canvas bags got holes in them and started looking like hell, even after washing. Rinsing out all those produce bags and draping them throughout the kitchen to dry was a drag. I fell back into the lazy habit of accepting new bags–though I still asked for paper. (It remains unclear to me which is actually worse, paper or plastic, but somehow paper seems better.)

Well, I’m trying to climb back on the wagon. At least partly. I brought some Harris Teeter bags to Integral Yoga the other day and it felt good.

This was prompted by A) guilt at seeing other shoppers with their reusable bags, and B) the mountain of barely-used bags building up in my cupboards.

Anyone else drifted away from a good habit–or gotten back to it in the new year?