August ABODE has one foot out the door


Howdy, folks! It’s ABODE time again. The new issue’s just come out, and those of you with green in your glasses should enjoy our feature story about the Meyer family in Scottsville. They’re quite groovy with their gardens, their passive-solar house, and their connection to the beautiful landscape that surrounds their place. When I went out there to take a look, I was impressed with many aspects of what I saw, including…

–An allee (corridor) of young oaks that the Meyers planted–a lasting and meaningful mark to leave on one’s homeplace.

–The smart way that architects Wolf-Ackerman incorporated an existing cottage into what’s now a larger and more liveable house.

–Finally, a side note for all y’all sitting in 68-degree houses right now: The house also lacks A/C. And I can personally attest that it was comfortable at midday on one of July’s hottest days. The secret is in the design.

Our new ABODE also tells you what to do with local honey, how to make the most of weird small spaces (so you don’t feel as tempted to get a bigger house), and what you should be doing now to get your fall garden started.

All in all, good and green. Pick it up and be in touch!