August 2010: Stuff We Love


Color us smitten

Something about red roof, yellow house always makes us look twice. In the case of this Locust Grove head-turner, we keep on looking because of the classic proportions, inviting ground-level porch and snazzy black shutters. Looks well-loved, and with good reason.













Sunny-day music

The dreaded electrical cord “octopus” can be a sad tangle to behold, not to mention a major eyesore. The smart cookies at Novothink have come up with a keen, green way to free your iPod Touch or iPhone 3G from taking up space in your charging dock. The Surge is a hybrid solar charger that lets you harness solar energy to power up your little music maker. 

The charger is actually a case into which you fit your iPod/iPhone. A large solar panel on the back collects energy, feeding it straight into your device if it’s not already charged, and saving energy in an internal battery if it is. A thermal sensor stops charging if it senses the device will overheat, and the Surge can charge even when not connected to an iPhone/iPod. 

Upshot: no worries about packing a charger and a USB cord when you travel, plus being able to use an iPod/iPhone for a whole day outside. A handy solar planner lets you estimate how many hours of sun your device needs to maintain a full charge (yep, there’s an app for that). $69.95 to $79.95 at—Lucy Kim 




Killer chiller

Now this is a waaaaay better-looking choice for chilling bevvies on your deck than the ol’ plastic cooler. Fill the top with ice, insert bottles, and adorn the bottom shelf with the potted plant of your choice. It’s practically a work of art! $289.95 at Fifth Season Gardening.













Linens that suit

What do we want from a bed? A feeling of crisp comfort; a color or pattern that draws the eye but can still soothe us to sleep; a bit of luxury at the beginning and end of every day. Luckily, local stores deliver.


Bed Bath & Beyond

Barracks Road Shopping Center


$130 set



Fashion Square Mall


$49 set



Hollymead Town Center


$39.99 set



$69.99 set



Fashion Square Mall


$49.99 set


Yves Delorme

311 East Main Street