Around the bend: Man on the run


In a recent posting, I wrote about people finding the right job and that most likely it won’t be doctor, lawyer or architect! For an example, I told of a laid-off construction worker who found a very fulfilling job as an elementary school janitor. This has inspired me to celebrate a very fulfilled working  man whom I have known for 30 years.  He is Gene P. and, all these years, he has handled the UPS route where I first worked and where I have lived the last 22 years. This man loves his work. It is a demanding job. First off is loading those big brown trucks to the brim and ,then, off the to the races, delivering. You don’t see many overweight UPS delivery people.  

 I am out and  about a lot and it is almost every day, whether walking the dog , on my bike, jogging, driving, mowing the lawn,etc. that we will wave to each other.  Years ago, I learned that Gene loves to mow lawns, which he does after work!  The other day, I asked Gene if he still is mowing? An enthusiastic Yes!

Gene obviously enjoys his work and what a difference friendly people like him can make in the context of your everyday life. It brings a smile every time I see him. That’s a lot of smiles.

I retired in July 2010, and, for my retirement party, I invited many people whom I have connected with over the years. It made for a most eclectic gathering. Though my contact with him on my job had been minimal, there was a lot of street connecting. I was very pleased that he came.

Postings to come: "Yes, but he’s so smart." Chilling interpersonal moments and Thrilling moments.