April 2010: Stuff We Love


Flights of fancy

What is home sweet home when you’re a feathered descendent of the dinosaurs? Well, if there are friendly humans in the neighborhood, it might mean one of these charming birdhouses from Wild Birds Unlimited. Move-in condition; great for raising a family. Wren house, $18.99.




One remote to rule them all

“Nowadays, it’s all about control,” says Ed Moon, programmer at Stereo Types. “You can have the latest equipment, but it doesn’t mean anything without control.” Complete domination over your electronic dominion is what you’ll get with the purchase of a universal remote and Ed’s programming skills.

A universal remote allows you to manage multiple devices in multiple rooms. Remotes can range from basic, text-based remotes to LCD touch screens. Lights, music, satellite, web browser—all controllable. If you choose a remote from a professional line, you’ll need (and probably want) the skills of a programmer. Want your lights to dim when you press play on a DVD player? Want phone calls to show up on the television if you’re watching the game? A programmer can make that happen.

You can purchase universal remotes at Crutchfield and Stereo Types. Prices vary based on brand and sophistication of display, but range from $200 to a hefty $1,500.—Lucy Kim







Envy of the county

Surely the neighbors in Batesville must pine a little for this finely detailed, oh-so-Virginian house with the lovely patina, big ol’ boxwoods and double front porch. We like it because it exemplifies a type, while at the same time looking unlike any house we’ve seen. 












Who’s on the mound?

Mix, ice, and pour: Instant refreshment. What’ll also clear the cobwebs is a fresh design for the pitcher in which you serve your lemonade, mojitos or what-have-you. We found these shapely examples in local stores.


From left: $75 at La Bastide, 2214 Ivy Rd., 984-3100; $31 at The Happy Cook, Barracks Road Shopping Center, 977-2665; $19.99 at the Monticello gift shop, 984-9840; $84 at Caspari, 100 W. Main St., 817-7880; $75 at La Bastide, 2214 Ivy Rd., 984-3100; $125 at Signet Gallery, 212 Fifth St. NE, 296-6463; $24.95 at The Seasonal Cook, 416 W. Main St., 295-9355; $177 at And George, 3465 Ivy Rd., 244-2800; $44 at Patina Antiques, 2171 Ivy Rd., 244-3222; $95 at Creme de la Creme, Barracks Road Shopping Center North Wing, 296-7018