April 2009: Instant Decorator

April 2009: Instant Decorator

We know you’re busy and important. So busy, in fact, that you might not even have time for decorating. But, if you happen to get a spare minute, consider this bulletin board project. Not only is it deceptively simple (“Oh, I just threw that together last week,” you can tell them), and stylish, it’ll get you back on track schedule-wise when you’re finished. Talk about keeping busy!
Materials: Piece of plywood (whatever size will fit your needs), piece of durable fabric (cut 4” longer on each side than your plywood, to wrap around), ribbon (in a color that matches your fabric or décor), tacks, sheet of batting, nails.
Tools: Scissors, staple gun, hammer.
1. Lay out fabric and place the batting and wood on top, respectively. Wrap the fabric around the sides of the wood and staple all four sides. For extra hold, you might hammer in a few nails.
2. To attach the ribbon, place it on the board in a pattern you think looks good. Starting from the outside in, hammer the tacks where one ribbon crosses another. Make sure the ribbons are tight against the fabric—this will hold your papers and postcards in place.
3. Turn the board over and staple the ribbon edges to the back.