Applaud these 101 local businesses


You know who rocks? Better World Betty. She’s been a contributor to the ABODE section, which I edit, for years–a favorite for her exuberant optimism as much as for the green wisdom she continually dispenses. She’s been out there in the community for a long time helping people green their behavior, but this year she’s upped her game by about a hundred notches.

Make that a hundred and one–the number of businesses and nonprofits she’s signed up as participants in the Better Business Challenge. If you’re not a businessy type, this program might not be on your radar at all yet. But the Challenge, which is meant to help companies shrink their footprints, is shaping up to be a pretty major deal.

Businesses you’d expect–Sustain, Nature Neutral, Montfair Resort–have joined. So have those with no particular foot in the world of green: Eppie’s, In A Flash Lazer, the John Paul Jones Arena. The Challenge is set up like a game, with scorecards and winners, so when it’s over we’ll be able to congratulate a few high-achieving green companies (or nonprofits).

What’s this have to do with you? Even if you don’t own a business, you still vote with your dollars, so as we head into the season of big spending it’s worth considering which local companies are trying to do the right thing. If you do own a business, call up Betty! Or go to the Challenge happy hour Thursday. (See BBC site for details.)