Another six great moments from 2011


As promised, here’s the second half of my personal greatest hits list for sustainable living in 2011! Six more memorable moments:

7. Growing carrots. Finally, after years of trying, we got it to work. The best part was making our daughter’s first birthday cake out of our own carrots. ‘Cause, you know, she’s picky that way.

8. Putting said kid to sleep. She slumbers in the crib where her dad and two aunts slept as babies. Thanks for saving it, grandparents! Besides the sentimental value, it saved a new one from being manufactured, shipped and packaged.

9. Covering Virginia’s first Passive House. This was a highlight in my year of ABODE editorship. Short version: A house that uses 80-90 percent less energy than yours probably does. Google “lankford passive” for more.

10. Going to the Heritage Harvest Festival. I loved the worm castings workshop, the view from Jefferson’s garden, the sheep available for petting, and the Carpe Donuts.

11. Eating cheddarwurst. At the farmers’ market, Double H Farm was out of Italian sausage, but they did have cheddarwurst. One taste and we were addicted. We now call it “cheddarbest.”

12. Going outside. And again, and again, and again. Whether it’s to run, hike, check on the garden, toss scraps to the hens, or just look at the trees, stepping out of the house keeps it real.

Happy New Year, readers.