Aliens again

“Jon Benjamin Has a Van"
Tuesday 10:30pm, Comedy Central
You might not immediately recognize H. Jon Benjamin, but he’ll probably sound familiar. The comedian has been getting steady voice-acting roles in cartoons for years now, on series as far back as “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist,” and as recent as “Bob’s Burgers” and “Archer,” where he puts that sexy baritone to knee-weakening use as the voice for the reprehensible lead character. Benjamin has also appeared on “Important Things with Demetri Martin,” but this show could be his big live-action break. In “Jon Benjamin Has a Van” he’s dropped the “H” and picked up a roomy vehicle, with which he travels across our great nation and covers news stories in a mockumentary style, often inflicting himself into the proceedings.
“Voltron Force”
Wednesday 8:30pm, Nicktoons
It’s a good time to be a child of the ’80s. You’ve got The Smurfs and The Muppets movies coming out, “Jem” is finally coming out on DVD and there are new cartoon versions of classic shows like “Thundercats” and “Voltron.” The basic gist of the latter is five teens piloting fabulous robot lions to do battle with evil space pirates. When the going gets tough, they can merge to form the mechanical samurai Voltron, who inevitably dispatches the beastie of the week by drawing his kickass sword and slicing it in half. This new toon version follows the original Voltron squad five or so years after their last battle, as they set out to battle a new space menace and train some recruits. Here’s to hoping for lion rides in exciting new colors!
“Falling Skies”
Sunday 9pm, TNT
Now that “V” and “The Event” have been canceled, there’s room for another alien-invasion show on TV, and this one looks promising. Noah Wyle (“ER”) stars as a history professor who survives the initial onslaught of a massive alien attack and now puts his military knowledge to use helping a makeshift insurgency in Boston. Also in the resistance is a pediatrician (Moon Bloodgood, Terminator Salvation, possessor of the best actress name ever) who strives to treat and parent the children left orphaned by the attacks. This show will focus on the more practical aftermath of a planet-changing event, akin to AMC’s “Walking Dead.” Expect ethical dilemmas and personal stories of survival, but also a few special-effects baddies as well.