Albemarle shooter charged in Waynesboro

Albemarle shooter charged in Waynesboro

A 19-year-old already facing 15 felony charges in Albemarle County now has six more to worry about in Waynesboro after yesterday’s grand jury indictment. Beginning in the early morning of March 27, Slade Allen Woodson and a 16-year-old teen allegedly went on a shooting spree along I-64 that included firing at motorists, state property, and into houses. In Albemarle, six vehicles were shot in a roughly 30 minute period around midnight. No one was killed, but two drivers were taken to the hospital and released shortly after. Woodson and the teen were arrested the next day after an orange Gremlin, allegedly used in the shootings, was tracked by a Waynesboro bank’s security camera.

The grand jury yesterday indicted Woodson for shooting into an occupied building, maliciously shooting from an automobile, and felony destruction of property. He is scheduled to appear in Waynesboro Circuit Court on June 24 and for a preliminary hearing on May 15 in Albemarle General District Court.

The teen has already pleaded guilty to eight counts in Albemarle Juvenile Court and is scheduled to be sentenced this month for five of the charges (for shooting into occupied vehicles). Last week, he was also charged with four additional felonies in Waynesboro.

Slade Woodson is now facing six more felonies for shootings along I-64.