Albemarle GOP welcomes Prince William anti-immigrant politician


Featured speaker at this morning’s monthly Albemarle GOP meeting at the Golden Corral was Corey Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, who was introduced by Christian Schoenewald, the head of the Albemarle Republican party,  as a “future leader of the Commonwealth.” According to Schoenewald, illegal immigration is a “growing concern” in Albemarle, and Stewart, one of the architects behind Prince William’s tough new immigration laws, was here to actively push those same policies in our area.

Stewart pointed to three main problems caused by illegal immigrants: abuse of hospital emergency rooms; overcrowding of schools; and crime, with the last issue receiving the bulk of the attention. Stewart regaled the audience with several horror stories of illegals arrested on minor offenses that commit murder upon release. Prince William County’s policy of checking the immigration status of anyone detained for a minor offense has resulted, Stewart said, in a 19.3 percent decrease in crime and 875 illegal immigrants sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation.

Directly refuting recent reports that the new policy has not been entirely successful so far, Stewart claimed that the money saved in Prince William has been “in the millions.” When asked about the impact on businesses that can’t find workers to fill low level jobs, he replied, “If you can’t make a profit doing it legally, you shouldn’t be doing it.” Hear that, construction, agriculture and domestic industries?!

Stewart spoke colorfully of the damage done to communities by illegal immigrants who live 25 to a house, “urinate on the front lawn” and “grab their crotches when [your] daughter walks by.” If you drive illegal immigrants from your community, he said, “your quality of life improves.” Only “very far-left-leaning idiots” could be against that.