A personal turkey plea from Green Scene


Earthlings, this will be short. I have a dinner to scarf down and plenty of tasks in line behind that.

It’s a week until Thanksgiving. Many of us will be engaging in glorious gluttony next Thursday, and more power to us. I love making Thanksgiving dinner—the menu planning, the Wednesday baking, the Thursday beet-and-pumpkin-and-peanut-soup madness.

However, I do not love Styrofoam plates, paper napkins or plastic cups. Here is my personal holiday plea: Skip the disposables!

Seriously! Not just because of their impact on the size of the undoubtedly overstuffed Hefty bag that will hit your back patio sometime late Thursday night. It’s also because of their symbolism. When we celebrate our good fortune in being warm and well fed, we owe it to ourselves and to the occasion not to create silly waste as a byproduct.

Similarly, buying your wild rice in bulk and your apples and onions from a local farmer makes for a much greener meal than opting for the over-packaged, South American-grown stuff in most grocery aisles. But you know this. I shouldn’t harangue you. Really, what I hope is that we all have a beautiful day on Thursday, eating well in good company, and that a certain humble spirit pervades the holiday.

Anybody else got green Thanksgiving strategies? What’s on your menu?