A new outlook on stinkbugs


Reading a recent press release from LEAP, I learned a whole new reason to be annoyed by stinkbugs.

LEAP is having a home energy makeover contest, called PowerSaver, where you can enter your house to win one of four energy makeovers. (The biggest prize: $10,000 to make your house more efficient! Nothing to sneeze at, folks!) You have to enter by August 19, so get on the website soon if you wanna take advantage. A bunch of people will win home energy assessments, too–step one in making your house tighter.

Anyway, this line in the press release caught my eye: “What do high power bills, stinkbugs, and mold have in common? A house that is in need of a home energy makeover."

Yes, of course! Not only does a leaky house–with lots of openings around doors, windows, and eaves–let in outside cold or heat, it lets in stinkbugs.

So the bugs flying around my dining room chandelier every night during dinner are not only irritating in themselves, they are a living, flying, stinking reminder of how inefficient the house is!

This is what my front door looked like this morning. When you can see that kind of daylight, you’ve got a problem.

I may just have to call in the LEAPers on this one.