A hard rain falls [October 27]


Saturday morning lifted the spirits (and, most likely, the self-imposed shower restrictions) of more than a few citizens as the heavens opened up and soaked our city with a resounding downpour. Which was presumably followed by a slight sight of relief and more than a few half-hour showers.

From Friday, October 26, until Saturday morning—roughly 8am, according to the end of the National Weather Service’s three-day weather observations—rain soaked downwards into soil, asphalt and, even better, our reservoirs. On Friday, the Albemarle County Service Authority‘s (ACSA) website listed the Sugar Hollow reservoir level at – 14.8′ and the Beaver Creek reservoir at -2.7’. By Saturday, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (RWSA) had recalculated the Sugar Hollow reservoir level at -12.4′ and Beaver Creek to -1.7′. It is our assumption at this time that the ACSA did not adjust their website following the downpour because they were using their Slip ‘n’ Slide.