A canning book to get the juices flowing


Yesterday I got a delicious package in the mail from former ABODE contributor Jessie Knadler. She’s the co-author of a new book on canning, Tart & Sweet, and it’s just as pretty inside as outside:

There are recipes for canning in every season, plus good general discussions of technique, all wrapped in a visual package that makes me want to a) eat, b) can stuff, and c), eat the stuff I just canned.

Jessie’s partner in this venture, Kelly Geary, runs a business in Brooklyn teaching canning workshops and making meals out of CSA shares. (Fun, right?) She seems to be quite inventive on the recipe front–think Soy Garlic Cherry Tomatoes and Horseradish Lemon Pepper Sunchokes.

One thing I like about the book already is that the sugar content of the fruit jams and preserves is relatively low. This is in contrast to the traditional, crazy-sweet recipes I’ve followed in the past. Not only is sugar a health risk (especially if you’ve got diabetes in your family like I do), it’s a pretty harmful agricultural crop, so cutting down is a good idea all around.

Of course, my ol’ buddy, Putting Food By, will still be in heavy rotation. There is nothing on this earth like the peach honey in that book–sugar and all.

Anyone else dreaming of the pickles, preserves, or jams you’ll make this year? Where do you get your recipes?