A CSA pause, and a garden in waiting


This week, we’re getting a little taste of the future, as our CSA is taking a one-week break. Every year since we joined the farm, there’s been this week in September when we don’t get a share, because they’re in a transition from summer to fall crops and don’t have enough veggies around to make it worthwhile.

Why is it a taste of the future? Well, our beloved CSA farmers are going to take next summer off, so we’ll be without the weekly tidal wave of produce to which we’re accustomed. We could, of course, join another farm (or at least get on a waiting list), but we’ve decided to think of this as an opportunity to step up our gardening.

There are things we don’t grow much of, since we know we’ll get them from the CSA. Then there are things we don’t grow at all (hello, beets and basil), since we know we’ll get them in epic proportions from the CSA. And there are things we grow because we love growing them–like lettuce–but also get from the CSA, and then have to give away or (cringe!) waste.

So going without the weekly share will get us more in touch with what we need to grow to feed ourselves, and in what amounts.

And of course, there’s always the farmers market. Which brings me back to this week, when I tried to fill the CSA void at the market. I thought I bought plenty of great stuff, but it only lasted a couple of days. Made me appreciate the volume of what’s in that bag every week. Those are gonna be big shoes to fill!

Anyone else transitioned from CSA to growing your own? How’d it go?