20 years of hits and misses from C-VILLE's archives





From the owner’s suite: 20 years of C-VILLE [w/video tour!]

Saving us thousands of words

What does it mean to turn 20? Well, you’re more than barely legal. You still have to rely on your friends to buy you beer. And you’re starting to improve behind the wheel. • All of which describes C-VILLE pretty well. • We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two since 1989. Like anyone who’s just exited her teens, we like to temper our enthusiasm for the future with a little nostalgia for the past. It’s like when college students laugh about the way they were in high school. There are the proud moments, and there are the ones that still make us blush. The hits and the misses.

We’ve spent a fair amount of time this year browsing our archives (as you know if you’ve been following our weekly 20 Years feature). • Now, in celebration of the September 19 anniversary of our birth, we’ve plucked some outstanding moments from thousands of our stories and photos of the last two decades. Among the hits are pointed questions, prescient observations and razor-sharp wit. And the misses? The horrifying corrections, squirm-inducing photos and proofreading snafus—they’re all here. • Now, we don’t claim this is a comprehensive history of C-VILLE. Though many of our favorite alumni are here (Coy Barefoot, John Borgmeyer, Paul Fain, Eric Hoover, Nell Boeschenstein, and more), others are not. That doesn’t mean we don’t love them. Making tough choices is par for the course when you claim more hits than misses. • It’s an average that pleases us and, we hope, pleases you too. If you feel like congratulating us, we’d love a cold beer.